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Link Building Strategies: The Lesser Known Support Systems

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Everyone already knows that they need backlinks to promote their websites in organic search and acquire new traffic. However, what many neglects are the things that remain on the sidelines but are still vital for a lucrative link building strategy. In fact, without taking into account the necessary support practices, link building would more or less be ineffective for a website’s SEO.

You probably understand the importance of good quality content and audience targeting, but do you know that there are other ways too? Other ways, for improving your link building strategies and growing your traffic and thus your website. You might already be using these unknowingly, but imagine the potential for improvement if you know how to use these strategies more effectively.

Today we shall be discussing some of the most frequently but rather neglected practices used in link building. So let’s begin, without any further delay.

Broken Or Missing Backlinks

An ongoing problem with the websites is the faults that occur in the backlinks. Sometimes a link may break, due to coding errors or crawling defeat. On other times, a link may simply go missing because the referring domain or the backlink provider has changed the attributes to no-follow. Whatever be the case, you must keep a check on broken or missing links and try to reclaim them. There are plenty of free tools that can help you with finding broken or missing links. But notably, the free tools offer limited accessibility to the information. So, it is better to involve a link master into your link building strategy.

Competitor Audits

There could be times when you find yourself low on inspiration for creating new content. And many of the times you might have tried to study content from other sources and blend them in to create an original piece for your website. Well, this is often known as competitor analysis or audit. It involves practices like studying competitors’ backlinks, creating link building diversity, and also recreating original pieces of content that trend for your competitors. The idea is to compete with your competitors head-on and acquire a share of their market.

Acquiring Link Intersects

Just when you’re using competitor analysis for finding popular content ideas, another important piece of information that you can draw is their linking domains. Try to find out which domains are referring to your competitors but not you. The reason being, your competitors’ referring domains might as well offer you a backlink if rightly approached. Moreover, if your competitors are benefiting, so shall you from these backlinks. An easy yet effective way of building quality backlinks for your website.

Optimizing Internal Links

Most importantly, internal links are also crucial for your website’s organic ranking. Of course, if your website has broken or bad internal linking, regardless of how amazing your external backlinks are, it is sure to experience a dip in organic rankings. So, make sure you optimize your internal links as well, from time to time.

Link building and guest blogging are certainly the most lucrative way to improve your website online. But they certainly require good support systems in place as well. And keeping up with these supporting practices, the results could be more vibrant.