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Looking for a Web Design Company in Charlotte? Avoid these Mistakes.

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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So you’ve finally decided to take your business online. But finding a professional website design company for your business website seems like finding a needle in a haystack.

As someone who isn’t new to the system, you are fully aware of the lorry loads of mediocre website design companies out there, and it is your wish to avoid them like the plague. But how do you do that? How do you ensure that you hire the best website design company for your project?

In this article, we will go over some of the most common mistakes businesses make when choosing a web design company in Charlotte. This list will provide you with good insights into the mistakes and ensure that you avoid them.

1. Not hiring a professional website design company

If you want a quality website, you’ll have to ensure that you hire a professional web design company. But, unlike their counterparts, these types of companies are hard to find, which is why you need to cast your net wide to locate the perfect professional for the job. 

Nothing good comes easy, remember? So if you choose not to hire a professional charlotte web design company and go for a mediocre alternative instead, you might end up getting a website that is slow, unresponsive, and user-unfriendly. And as you probably know, a poorly designed site is a massive turn-off for visitors.

Having such a website could cost you customers and sales, which will end up costing you more money down the road. So rather than lose customers and sales due to a poorly designed website, why don’t you hire a professional web design company instead? Making such a decision would be a huge win for your business’s online presence and your business in general.  

2. Not considering the maintenance of your website

Think of your website as your home. Regardless of how attractive or expensive it is, you’ll still need to make frequent updates to ensure that it stays in shape. With that in mind, you’ll have to hire a web design company that can carry out frequent updates and maintenance on your website.

Some web companies charge a flat rate, while others charge per hour, so this is something you want to find out before deciding to hire these professionals. The internet evolves rapidly. New updates are introduced regularly. You wouldn’t want your website to lag. So you should hire a professional who can keep up with such updates and implement them on your website.

3. Not hiring a company with SEO knowledge

SEO is key as far as website design is concerned. Without the right SEO technique, your site could be lost in limbo. Search engine optimization is what makes your website visible to your target audience. When your website is visible to your target audience, your website traffic increases, so do your chances of landing paying customers.

Because SEO plays a crucial role in website design, it makes sense to hire a company with good SEO knowledge and media strategy. After creating your website, it won’t attract your clients automatically, you need top-notch SEO to make that happen, and hiring a company with SEO know-how is the best way to achieve that.  

4. Failing to study the company’s portfolio

The portfolio of a web design company will give you a good insight into past work and help you make informed decisions that yield desirable results. But one major mistake businesses make when hiring a design company in Charlotte is ignoring the process of reviewing their portfolio. Instead, they ignorantly fall for those sweet word-of-mouth adverts where the company professes themselves as the best.  Unfortunately, the result of such a costly mistake, in most cases, is a terrible job that highlights a bad website architecture and dissatisfied clients.

5. Assigning the job to a stranger

This is another common mistake business owners make when hiring a website design company in Charlotte. You must build a good relationship with the web design company before entrusting them with your website’s design. Because your website is vital to your business operations, you must take this step regardless of how challenging or time-consuming it could be.

Get to know the design company, not necessarily personally.  Find out important things about them that could help you gauge their level of expertise. Can they handle Java-related tasks? What about PHP? SEO? It makes sense to know what the company can do and, of course, what they can’t.

6. Not researching the company

You must research the company you intend to hire before contacting them. Doing this will help you determine if they are the right company for your project. Go online, review their credentials. Do they have customer reviews? If yes, check them including other information that could help you make a good decision.

If the company is just starting, and you feel your project requires the attention of an expert, you could decide to hire a different company. Another important thing to include in your research to-do list is the legitimacy of the company. You wouldn’t want to work with a phony company, the outcome can be quite devastating!

Get enough insight into the company. This will help you select the right company for your project and avoid unnecessary headaches that come with hiring a mediocre or fraudulent company.

7. Not getting adequate host storage space.

For the amount of money, you’ll be splurging on your website, you should be getting quality services such as a significant web hosting storage space. If a company isn’t providing you with adequate space, you may encounter problems down the road. A good web design company in Charlotte knows the importance of web hosting storage space and will make an effort to ensure that you have lots of them to meet your needs.


Hiring a professional web design company in Charlotte doesn’t have to be a hassle. Neither does it have to be a process that makes you overthink. Provided you can avoid the mistakes highlighted in this article, hiring a professional web design company should be easy.