Latest Features For WhatsApp

Meta Is Beta Testing Its Latest Features For WhatsApp

Last updated on August 30th, 2023 at 03:32 pm

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WhatsApp’s messaging app is getting a few new features from Meta. The most recent WhatsApp beta builds contain these brand-new features, but they are not widely available. It appears that only a select few beta users have received them, providing us with a glimpse of what might be included in the public app in the future.

To start with, WhatsApp beta rendition for Android added a possibility for clients to share their notices to Facebook stories straightforwardly from WhatsApp. The new beta update automates the process with a new toggle titled “Always share to Facebook story,” despite the fact that this was already possible.

A privacy checkup screen was also discovered in a recent WhatsApp beta build. The purpose of the feature, which is available to select testers in WhatsApp beta version, is to assist users in better comprehending and controlling their privacy settings.

The exam screen allows clients to pick who can reach them, control admittance to individual data, make talks more private, and empower more record insurance apparatuses. For this reason, organizations look for various beta testing companies across the globe.

Extra Features Pin-pointed In iOS beta Builds

In addition to these WhatsApp beta features that have recently been made available to select Android OS users, WhatsApp iOS beta builds also contain an intriguing tool.

Meta appears to anticipate bringing a channel broadcasting framework like a one-way bulletin to WhatsApp. The “Status” tab of the app may also be reworked to become the “Updates” tab. Channel messages and statuses can be seen by users here. Members of the channel can only read messages, not respond to them. This highlights the significance of beta testing companies.

It’s unlikely that updates to the iOS app will be exclusive to iOS; however, they might come later to the Android app. However, we will have to wait and see because it is impossible to predict how future beta builds will progress. In like manner, there’s no estimated time of arrival for these new elements.