Perks of Persimmon

The Perks of Persimmon Fruits for Hair Growth

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:07 am

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Filling your table with a basket full of fruits is healthy, not only for you but also for your family. However, have you ever been interested in using any of those fruits for your homemade hair treatments? Have you ever thought of how you can turn these fruits into ingredients for hair growth products, such as shampoos, conditioners, serums, and masks? Well, if you have asked about them at least once in your life, then you may need to be curious about what persimmons can do for your tresses.

For those who do not know, persimmons, which grow from persimmon trees, may look like very bright orange and big tomatoes. These juicy and plump persimmons are not only well-known for their honey-like flavor, but they are also rich dietary sources of nutrients that are healthy for the body. As a matter of fact, they are potent sources of hair growth nutrients.

So, what benefits can persimmons bring to hair growth? Get to know the perks of using persimmons for your hair.

Persimmons: The Perks Behind the Bright-Colored Fruits

1. Your hair becomes well-fed with a lot of vitamins.

People eat fruits for a particular reason: they can get an impressive sum of vitamins from juicy fruits. Hence, they should definitely try eating persimmon fruits because they contain many vitamins such as A, B, and C. These vitamins help regulate your scalp’s natural oil production, stimulate blood circulation on the scalp, and protect your hair against free radicals. What’s even better is that you can obtain your healthy load of nutrients even just by eating fresh persimmons.

2. Your hair gets protected against any oxidative activity.

Carotenoids are not only responsible for the persimmon fruit’s orange-colored pigment, but these compounds can also show antioxidant activity. Studies show that carotenoids from persimmons and other orange and yellow fruits have photoprotective properties, preventing the ultraviolet rays from harming your hair and skin cells.

Persimmons also have high concentrations of flavonoids and catechins, plant metabolites that also have potent antioxidant effects. These compounds are also known to stimulate hair growth by promoting cell proliferation, allowing more hair cells to grow for your hair follicles.

3. The persimmon extract can serve as a natural hair astringent.

If you are suffering from oily scalp and hair, you may need to find an astringent that can control your hair’s grease production. However, not all astringents are 100% safe for topical use. In fact, most oil-removing hair products contain alcohol, a very common chemical astringent. Luckily, the persimmon fruit extract is a safe and natural ingredient with astringent properties, tightening pores and removing the excess sebum without irritating your scalp.

Hair Care Tips: How to Enjoy Persimmons as Natural Hair Treatment

Though persimmons may be expensive in some areas, these succulents are still worth being used as ingredients for hair treatments. Here are some easy-peasy ways to make use of persimmon’s hair growth effects.

1. Persimmon Juice as Your Everyday Beverage 

Of course, drinking persimmon juice would be one of the fastest ways to obtain all of its packed nutrients. First, choose ripened persimmons before peeling them. Then, carefully scoop the flesh and use a juicer or blender to make a smoothie. You can also mix other fruits to enhance their flavor.

2. Persimmon Juice for Hair Masks

Treating your hair at home becomes even more fun when you can play or experiment with various ingredients. For instance, you can extract the ripe persimmon fruit juice to be combined with other ingredients, such as honey, coconut milk, yogurt, and aloe vera, to create your hair mask concoction.

3. Persimmon Hair Growth Shampoos

Another way to reap the benefits of persimmon extract is to wash your hair with persimmon shampoo products. Persimmon extract has astringent properties that can aid in removing excess oils on the scalp. Your hair also gets to absorb various nutrients and antioxidants after a single rinse.

Let Your Hair Enjoy the Perks of Persimmons.

Don’t waste your time on products that won’t improve your hair’s condition. Instead, focus on using hair growth items with powerful yet natural ingredients, just like persimmons. Therefore, let your hair enjoy receiving the love it deserves by using hair growth products with persimmon extract.