Electronic Cigarette Safely

Tips To Smoke Electronic Cigarette Safely

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:07 am

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Have you been toying with the idea of jumping onto the vaping bandwagon? Well, you’re not alone. Many users turn to vape each year.

Over the years, vaping has garnered tremendous popularity as a safer alternative to traditional nicotine delivery methods. That’s because vaping doesn’t involve combustion. Therefore, there’s no smoke produced; hence a vapor is exposed to fewer toxins.

More recently, vaping has evolved from being viewed merely as a smoking cessation aid and more like a lifestyle. So, you’re likely to encounter thousands of vapers with no history of cigarette use. That might also explain the growing list of celebrity vapers.

But for new vapers, getting the hang of electronic cigarettes is not a walk in the park. That’s especially considering that vape devices come in all shapes and sizes.

If you’re wondering how to use your e-cig correctly and make the most of the device, this article is for you. Read on for valuable insights on how to smoke electronic cigarettes safely.

1. Invest In a Powerful Battery

The art of vaping relies heavily on heat production and temperature regulation. So, it is no surprise that the first tip for safe electronic cigarette usage is investing in a powerful battery.

vape clearance deals from kure vape have gained a reputation for being one of the most durable vape vendors out there. With average, consistent usage, a 510 battery should last a minimum of five hours before needing to recharge it. Overall, the battery can last months without having to replace it.

Some 510 batteries also utilize advanced LCD and LED technology. Plus, the batteries’ compact and lightweight design makes them remarkably portable.

However, it’s important to reiterate that the durability of any vape battery depends on various factors. The main ones include the voltage the battery heats at and how frequently the battery is activated.

2. Consider the Quality of Other Vape Attachments

The quality of your vape battery isn’t the only thing that matters. To safely use your e-cig, you should also consider the quality of the other vape components. That entails investigating the specific materials that these parts are made of.

For instance, experts recommend vape coils made from titanium. That’s mainly due to the metal’s anti-rust properties.

When it comes to the coils, your best bet is to choose coils made from Kanthal or Nichrome. These metals are famous for their durability and superheat conductivity. Plus, they have low resistance, which makes them easier to mold into coils.

Last but not least, glass and ceramic are the most suitable materials for a vaporizer’s mouthpiece (also known as drip tip). These materials are poor heat conductors. Therefore, they’re unlikely to burn your mouth even if vaping at considerably high temperatures. That’s in contrast to metallic or plastic drip tips.

3. Take Care of Your Vape Batteries and Charger

The fact that e-cigarettes are marketed as safer than traditional cigarettes doesn’t make these devices entirely risk-free. There are always risks of explosions to worry about.

Fortunately, you can observe some applicable safety rules to minimize the risks of vape battery malfunctions.

  • Always use the right chargers for your e-cigarettes
  • Never overcharge your e-cigarettes
  • Constantly monitor your e-cigarettes while they’re charging
  • Avoid using damaged batteries
  • Turn your vape battery off when not using the device
  • Clean the battery terminals regularly using a cotton bud to keep them rust-free
  • When traveling with your vaporizer, disassemble the unit and keep the battery terminals from coming in contact with metallic components

4. Vape at Moderate Temperature

Vaping at a very low temperature may reduce your e-cig vapor and flavor-producing abilities. That may affect your vaping experience adversely.

On the flip side, vaping at very high temperatures might produce an unpleasant phenomenon known as a burnt hit. Burnt hit refers to the burning, awful taste that occurs when the amount of heat generated is disproportionately higher than the volume of e-juice saturating vape coils at a given time.

Besides producing burnt hits, vaping at very high temperatures drains your battery much faster. So, you’ll find yourself recharging the battery more often than you should. And the more frequently you charge a vape battery, the higher the risks of explosion.

Although there’s no standard vaping temperature, experts recommend vaping between 320 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can always adjust higher or lower, depending on your experience.

5. Be Careful With Your E-liquids

E-liquids contain four essential ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavorings, and nicotine.

Vegetable glycerin is a colorless, sweet-tasting substance added to boost e-juice vapor production. The compound has a thick consistency and is infamous for gunking up the internal components of e-cigarettes. Propylene glycol is a petroleum-derived substance added to e-liquids to aid flavor production. The compound is thinner than vegetable glycerin and is less likely to gunk up your e-cigarette. However, inhaling too much PG may trigger throat irritation and long-term lung damage.

If you’re a new vaper, start with e-liquids formulated with a VG: PG ratio of 60:40. Also, take extra caution when refilling your vape tanks to ensure the e-juice doesn’t spill on your skin. Most importantly, buy all your e-juices from trusted suppliers.


The safety of e-cigs is of paramount importance. A minor slip-up and you could be dealing with a catastrophic disaster.

Thankfully, you can minimize the risks associated with e-cig malfunctions by implementing the above-reviewed tips.