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Top 5 Horror Instagram Accounts to Follow Online

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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From troubling movies and shows to scary-themed amusement park rides, horror enthusiasts want it all. This is the era of social media accounts, where most of us own a smartphone, and so do the eerie people on whom this article is based on. Instagram is the new Facebook, and whilst businesses are striving on it and celebrities are sharing their life bits, there exist uncanny presences whose pure purpose is to send chills down your spine. If you are a horror fanatic as we are, the only thing you need to follow these accounts is a stable internet connection so you can press the ‘Follow’ button and start getting updates at midnight from them. Therefore, if your internet service is troubling you, then it is time to change your provider and move to a better one. For customers who are looking to get high-speed internet service at an affordable price, we highly recommend Spectrum Internet packages because they deliver consistent internet speeds, offer unlimited data, and on top of that, they come with 24/7 customer support to facilitate you in case something goes wrong with your connection. To seize the best internet deal, make sure to search for internet plans using your zip code and street address, as it is the fastest way to narrow down the options available in your area. With that said, let us get down to the topic at hand; Top 5 horror Instagram accounts to follow online.

These 5 creepy accounts are guaranteed to give you nightmares!


Created by the 9gag people, this verified IG account consists of short horror tales to make your eyes pop wide open. They are all frightening three-liners with twisted ends and with a thought or two, it dawns upon us if the story is true or not. The grid is all the same, with black images and white text but each story is more blood-curling than the next. This account has a fan following of 318k people!


A treat for all R.L Stine and Christopher Pike lovers, this writer posts instances from her father’s life as an exorcist, and the stories, though South Asian, are very disturbing. Some are short stories but others are series. The five-season-long series, Marriage Ever After, has gained immense popularity. Its current following is 45k.


From paranormal experiences with ghosts and witches to mysterious sightings and ruthless killers, this account has it all. The best part is that they upload a new post daily so if you have the notifications on, you are in for a ride. If you want more than the daily facts that they post, they also have a second account with full-fledged stories to make you keep the lights on at night. The current following is 317k.


Talk about talent! This girl posts horrific and disturbing doodles on her IG. The still-life images stare right into your soul and belong in a horror museum. Some say that the drawings match those of a schizophrenic patient at a mental hospital, and the controversy makes it even more interesting. Prepare to jump in fright when whilst scrolling one of Madziowa’s photos pops up on your feed!


A long username, but worth typing on your search bar. This skilled man makes prosthetics both for fun and films. The catch is that his work is alarmingly life-like and scary. Though made of silicon and paint, it looks as if it comes to life at night. He shares the process of making a piece and sells his pieces so if you are looking for an early Halloween costume he is your man!

Final Words

With these 5 accounts in your ‘Following’ list, we guarantee an adrenal rush! Sign up for a stable internet service today and start enjoying the stories posted by the aforementioned accounts. That is all for today, stay tuned for more interesting articles.