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Tricks and Tips to Use Screen Printing Machine Equipment

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Screen printing is a brilliant method to guarantee great quality altered textures, wood, glass and surprisingly metal. Here are a couple of tips and deceives that can assist you with improving the item quality and stay away from the wastage of time and stock because of misprints and blunders.

Check the Machine in Between Runs

The steady printing movement of your machine could prompt slackening of the screws that hold your screen printing machine press together. The screws that hold the pallets and the screen in their location often come loose in between the printing process. This could prompt a slight squirming of the beds and screens in your print. This can bring about foggy prints, which could ruin the subtleties on your print. It is always a good idea to avoid this by regularly checking on the screws and putting them in place before each run starts.

High-Quality Graphics Enhance Print Quality

Quality artwork is the first step to achieving a high-quality print. A high-goal picture ought to be utilized before you begin with the emulsion and printing measure. Low goal pictures can appear to be somewhat obscured on the substrate. High resolution also means that colors will be properly separated. This permits better enrollment of the picture on the material. The core of the matter is that top-notch craftsmanship will give you a greatly improved yield than a hazy picture.

Proper Off Contact

Off contact is the distance between the bed and the screen. Proper off-contact distance ensures that your final product is crisp. This is because the right off contact distance ensures that the screen comes gently in touch with the substrate, leaving you with a clean print, and pulling away. The off-contact distance depends on the substrate you are using.

Do a Test Run

Even for a simple one-color job, do a test run before every screen run. This will make sure that the press is set upright, the off-contact distance is proper, and the screens are clean and tight. It is cheaper to adjust your press after a test run than to waste the result of an entire run. It also ensures that you have a rough idea about what the final product will look like, giving you time to make any alterations you see fit. A speedy trial before each clump is along these lines a decent practice.

Dedicated Tool Space

A devoted instrument space assists you with keeping your printing territory clean and mess-free.  This makes everything easily accessible and prevents time from being wasted. Use clean labels and keep some gloves and rags at hand to clean up the station.

These tips help maintain a great screen printing station and ensure that your prints are of the highest quality. It also saves you time and resources while printing batches.

ASPE follows all these tips to maintain the highest quality of textiles and promotional products across industries. With their on-time performance, impressive service, and great product quality, the work done is flawless and dependable.