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Useful Moving Apps You Can Use For Your Next Move

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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It’s no doubt that moving can be a headache. From creating a checklist to packing all your stuff, you need much energy to get these things done efficiently. Luckily, the advent of modern technology has changed the way moving works for everyone. Whatever you do, there’s an app for it.

So, if you’re moving soon, below are the useful moving apps you can use to make the process less stressful:


When it comes to organizing your next move, Wunderlist is one of the moving apps you should have in handy. This software lets you create some to-do lists and reminders to guide you with the tasks throughout the transition. With its essential features such as folders, notes, and sharing tools, Wunderlist will be there to keep yourself organized.

For example, if you’re moving with your family, this application can be synced to multiple devices so that all the members of your household will be informed about the progress of your relocation.

Movers Around You

Whether it’s a local or international move, you need the assistance of experienced movers to handle the challenging aspects of the transition. Thankfully, technology is there to make the hiring process less daunting. Moving apps like Movers Around You can help you find the right professional for the relocation.

For instance, if you’re moving from or to New York, you can use this application to access the best moving companies, New York, online. You don’t have to search through several movers until you choose the right one because everything you need is available on the app. From their contact information to overall performance ratings, you can check these out in the app to help you choose the appropriate moving service provider.

Let Go

Typically, moving can be an excellent opportunity to purge and get rid of all unnecessary things. But, you might also ask yourself what are you going to do with the excess items. This is where the Let Go app comes to the rescue.

Instead of holding a garage sale for your neighborhood, you can use this application to sell your things in the online community. Just publish your possessions on the platform, and the local buyers will start looking at them. With this app’s intuitive interface, getting rid of all your things when moving is much easier and smoother.


It’s no secret that packing up the entire house can be extremely stressful. From gathering some packing supplies to creating a strategic plan, everything requires a lot of time and effort.

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about this aspect of moving because the Sortly app can make your life more comfortable. With this application, you can group your items in specific categories and keep track of them using a checklist. Moreover, the best thing about this app is its high-tech labeling system.

Instead of writing down labels into the boxes, all you need to do is generate computerized labels and have them scanned using the app itself. This is very convenient, especially when you have plenty of boxes to unload to your new home.


Moving isn’t only about making checklists, packing, and hiring professionals. It’s also about envisioning your new place before the moving day to ensure a smooth moving process. For this reason, you should have well-created floor plans to help you decide where to place your furniture and other accessories inside your new house. This is where Magicplan comes into play.

Typically, Magicplan is a moving app that can be used to create customized floor plans for your new house. For example, you can utilize the application to measure and scan rooms and consolidate and come up with a unique floor plan. Then, you can also use the different objects in the app to play around with the arrangement you want for your spaces.

Remember, by having a floor plan in place, it’ll be much easier for your movers to unload your furniture and arrange them inside your house.


Although these apps can’t make your next move pain-free, they can help you get ready from start to finish. Instead of dealing with the chaos associated with moving, just install these useful applications on your electronic devices, and you’re good to go.