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A Guide to Manage School Waste

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Schools are responsible for the character building of a society as a whole because that’s where children learn to socialize and etiquettes to prove themselves. Ironically enough, schools and other educational institutions are among the largest waste generators in any country. According to a research held in Harvard, schools produce around 4.7 pounds of waste per person, every day.

Away Today Bondi Rubbish Removal state that imprudent waste management pollutes our environment and leads to the extinction of rare animal species. Moreover, it clogs our drainage system which provides a cherished shelter to numerous bacteria and causes a life hazard to people. Which results in a poor quality of life.

You can reduce your school waste by taking certain measures, apart from hiring junk removal Fairfield Services.  However, you can never completely disengage in generating waste. So here are some provisions to manage your school waste:


Keeping a complete track of where your school originates most of its waste is the best way to manage and decompose waste products. A waste audit report will help you to understand what type of waste is thrown out by your school and what activities are involved in producing it.

Once you receive all the data, you can start imposing waste reduction factors as a daily routine. As a matter of fact, an audit of waste should be analysed by every member of staff so they play their part as well.

Proper Waste Management 

Educate all the students and staff for legitimate management of waste. Including waste management in the syllabus will not only help students to understand its importance, but also make them eager to play a vital role in the preservation of our environment.

Incorporating waste management ideas and strategies into your staff’s personal development sessions would bring positive changes as all this working for a cause will only be fruitful if the struggle is cooperated

The most significant advantage of educating staff and students about waste management is that everyone will look for an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas in the development of a healthy society.


Composting is by far, the most neglected measure when it comes to waste management. This is the most efficient and eco-friendly, natural phenomenon which will drastically reduce the volume of waste generated by your school.

Organic materials like fruits, processed food and specific packaging can be used as a compost to enrich the soil of school grounds and grow plants. Not only would waste production be reduced, the school environment will be much greener than before which is a sign of a healthy environment. Set up separate green bins in the hallway or each classroom and encourage the staff and students to dispose off organic waste in it.


Recycling is the key component of waste management. You cannot reduce waste production without considering recycling.

In general, around 40 percent waste produced by any educational facility can be recycled. Encourage the students to collect 10 plastic bottles and exchange them with a pack of juice from the canteen.

All those plastic bottles can be sent to a recycling facility. Papers and pens add up to a huge amount of school waste. Conduct an yearly art contest, in which the best piece of art made with wasted pens and paper will win an award and a small trip.


Many products can be reused rather than throwing them away. For instance, old or broken lunch and water containers can be used for planting seeds. Buy a battery charger and there’s no need left to buy new batteries every time the old one runs out, just charge the old batteries and use them again. Pieces of torn school bags can be used as effective board erasers. 

Disposing Waste Properly

Have you ever thought where the waste from a bin goes? We tend to believe that our only responsibility is to throw it in the bin, but that’s not true. We are responsible for each step of decomposing waste, until it’s not a threat to our environment anymore.

Own up the responsibility of taking your waste to a waste management company, where they actually decompose it rather than throwing it away in junkyards, far from cities. If it isn’t possible for you, hiring a junk removal company could prove to be extremely beneficial to you. These companies can come to your doorstep to take all the junk from the school. After they have collected the junk/waste material, they will drop them off to specialized waste management facilities. 3 Kings Hauling and More is a reliable company in Fairfield you can rely on for this purpose.

In a nutshell, this system could be tricky to form, but sustaining it will not only diminish your school’s waste volume, it will also build a sense of responsibility and environmentalism in students as well.