At What Age Do Men Start To Lose Their Hair?

At What Age Do Men Start To Lose Their Hair?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:26 am

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When you first begin to start losing some of your hair, it is only natural to wonder if it is a temporary thing or if it is actually a sign of things to come. This leads many men to ponder the question of at what age do men start to lose their hair?

The answer is that it all really depends and varies from person to person. However in general, men start to experience more thinning of their hair and hair loss the older that they get. That being said, male pattern baldness has the propensity to start at any stage of life, not just during the twilight years. Where this does occur, the rate at which you do lose your hair depends mainly on your genetics.

The rate at which hair loss occurs in the different ages groups is listed below so you can easily see when you can expect to see some thinning or loss of your own hair.

13 – 19

It may seem like your teenage years are too early to begin losing your hair but it has been known to happen from as young as 15 years of age. However, you should not worry too much about this happening to you as it is very rare and starts off with a slight receding of the hairline or thinning of the hair, rather than chunks of hair falling out.

Losing hair at any point in your life can be difficult, but when it happens at such a young age it can be particularly hard. If hair loss does begin at this stage then you should seek the advice of your doctor or a hair loss specialist, as when it is caught early there are effective treatments, such as Finasteride, which can be bought cheaply online – check the Numan price here.

20 – 29

During the mid to late 20s is when most men will start to notice the first signs of make pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia as it is medically known. In fact, it is estimated that some 20 percent of men have some visible signs of baldness during these years.

However, because this is the age in which you are likely to meet lots of new people through education, work, and socially, so it can have a big impact on a man’s confidence levels. Where a large amount of hair loss is apparent, some men decide to embrace it and shave the rest of their hair off, although some younger men find this more difficult to do than others.

30 +

When men reach their 30s they have a 25 percent chance of displaying the signs of male pattern baldness. Upon reaching the age of 50, almost 50 percent of men will have signs of hair loss and by 60 years of age that goes up to two thirds.

Even though it is more common and even expected to happen as many get older, it does not mean that it is any easy for older men to accept the fact.