Busting Cyber Security Myths

Busting Cyber Security Myths

Last updated on January 15th, 2024 at 03:14 pm

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Cyber Security is a growing concern among businesses that are starting to realize that cyber-attacks are not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”. Cyber-attacks are making the headlines every day, costing millions of dollars to the companies worldwide. Despite the existence of reasons why you should be concerned about cyber security, there are misconceptions about cyber security out there which you should avoid.

1) Your Business is too Small for a Cyber Attack

This is one of the most common myths that need to be debunked right away. Hackers feed on this mindset as it’s easier to succeed when companies expect it the least. Statistics show that while attackers earn more by attacking big companies, it’s the SMEs that are affected the most.

2) Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware is Good Enough

  If that was the case, there wouldn’t be any cyber security testing company. It’s important to be noted that these tools cannot keep you safe from all kinds of cyber attacks. Although these software programs rely on a large database that has information about all the malware/viruses out there, there’s a high probability that these software programs won’t be able to detect a new kind of malware used by hackers. Therefore, you shouldn’t solely rely on these software programs. Hiring a cyber security testing company is a good option.

3) Our Passwords are Strong

No password is strong enough, no matter how many special characters you use. Therefore, it’s important to change your passwords regularly.

4) Our Industry Doesn’t Have Any Cyber Security Threat

If you’re connected to the internet, there is no way you’re safe from this threat. Movies make us believe that only finance and tech companies are prone to cyber-attacks but that’s completely wrong.

5) Bringing Your Own Device is Safe

While it’s cost-effective, having your employees bring personal employees at work brings its own set of risks. Devices range from PCs to smartphones, when connected to your network, it becomes a whole new entry point for hackers. It only takes one weak link to bring cripple and bring down the entire network. So, make sure that all users adhere to your cyber security policies before they can use their personal devices.

6) Our Cyber Security System is Perfect

Constant advancements in technology mean that your tools that were top-notch yesterday, are obsolete today. For this reason, you need to constantly adapt newer cyber security policies and practices to avoid any mishaps.

7) Threats are Only External

Who told you? Movies? According to researchers, nearly 75% of the data breaches are a result of someone on the inside. A disgruntled employee, an ex-employee with a grudge, or just an ignorant user on your network can grant access to your entire organization’s data resulting in a massive data breach. It’s always a good idea to train your employees and teach them about cyber threats.   


You need to stop believing in these myths associated with cyber security and up your defenses. Otherwise, you’re just in line to be the next victim.