Elearning vs LMS systems

Elearning vs LMS systems: Which is a better option for you?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:26 am

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Elearning has become an inevitable part of the modern learning world. From youtube tutorials to how-to videos, we’ve slowly adapted to the browsing and learning instantly.

Having said that, LMS is a frequent term used for describing their product and training needs.

Wait a minute, does elearning and LMS systems not the same?

Not exactly, and here is an in-depth explanation of both elearning and LMS systems. Also, we’ve suggested what would be the better option for you. 

  • What are elearning and LMS?

Elearning is a learning mode where you learn through any digital medium like mobile, laptop, tablet. All you need is internet connectivity. 

In simple terms, what you browse in google, the youtube videos, and social media post comprises elearning. 

In a broader perspective, elearning signifies the online course you’ve taken from platforms like Coursera, Skillshare, and Udemy.

On the other hand, the Learning Management System (LMS) is one kind of platform that provides elearning content.

All LMS systems come under the category of elearning but not the vice versa. 

  • Advantages of using a Learning Management System

Among the various known benefits of an elearning platform, the Learning Management System brings some uniqueness which is as follows. 

  1. All at one place– no one likes to keep content scattered. Cloud-based LMS helps you in managing all the content at one place helping access from anywhere and anytime.
  2. Tracks learners’ performance-Analytics and reporting tools in LMS systems help you understand learners’ performance and pinpoint your course’s strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Unlimited Accessibility-All learners can log in to their course module in their digital devices even during their commute and learn comfortably. 
  4. Cuts down the course creation costs-Most LMS has a one-time pricing plan that rules out trainer, venue, commute and other miscellaneous costs.
  5. Fit into today’s scenario-With a variety of content creation formats; you can create content that engages the audience. Plus, you can update the course with the advancements in the course topic. 
  • Why specifically LMS?

With the above-mentioned advantages by now, you might have understood the benefits of using an LMS. 

In this current world, content creation has been made simple and flexible to cater to the learners’ needs. That’s what LMS does specifically compared to other elearning tools. 

Specifically, LMS concentrates on creating training content for employees, franchise and other technical stuff.

For example, customer training, product training, and compliance training are common employee training programs given through LMS. 

  • Understanding the features of LMS

Unlike other elearning platforms, you can sell your courses created in LMS effectively. 

It is a widely used medium to educate, entertain and engage the target audience of a small scale to large scale businesses. 

Unique features of LMS that support its monetizing value are

  1. Built-in Authoring tools 
  2. Unlimited content storage
  3. Variety of content formats like videos, webinars, PPTs, and PDFs.
  4. Gamification
  5. Certification management
  6. Enrollment
  7. Discussion Forums
  8. Reporting
  9. Content sharing
  10. Online and offline learning
  • LMS vs Other Elearning Tools: Which is suitable for me?

Elearning, in general, is suitable for anyone who wants to update their knowledge constantly. 

However, Learning Management Systems is best suitable for

  1. Corporates who need to educate and train their employees around specific topics.
  2. SMBs (Small and Midsize businesses) and Large businesses want to entertain and educate their target audience.
  3. Businesses who want to convert leads to customers.
  4. Academic institutions who want to improvise the learning experience of their students.
  5. Online learning websites which need to create multiple courses for their learners. 

Final Thoughts

Elearning is a generic niche in which LMS is a kind of it. If you fit in the above category, then LMS systems are the best option for you.