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Explore Smart Instagram Marketing Tips & Tools to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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The year 2020 has been full of new challenges and developments at Instagram. Instagram is no longer limited to being a photo-sharing app. It has launched many valuable features for helping businesses in marketing and selling their products & services directly from the platform. Each business or advertiser who needs to stand apart on Instagram needs some master Instagram showcasing tips to do as such. As you start planning your marketing stratagem on Instagram for 2021, it is of pivotal importance to learn some of the latest facts and figures about this incredibly popular social media platform.

We understand that over 1 billion people are using Instagram every month. Moreover, Instagram boasts of having over 500 million daily active users. Its engagement potential is 10x higher as compared to Facebook, 84 x higher in comparison to Twitter, and 54 X higher as compared to Pinterest. It has a whopping advertising audience of over 1.16 billion people hence Instagram promises dramatic reach for businesses and brands.

During 2020, thanks to home quarantine and social distancing dictate triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram’s potential reach has gone up by 76 million users in only the last quarter of the year. Moreover, 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one Instagram business profile every day. We understand that 90 percent of the Instagrammers follow a minimum of one business. With such impressive statistics, Instagram is helping various businesses forge well ahead of the rest. All types of businesses are thriving on this platform, right from the big corporations to teen neighbors selling handmade jewelry. Here are some fundamental Instagram marketing tips from experts to the newcomers.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

The first impression always matters. You may focus on creating a killer bio as that should be your first proactive effort toward productive marketing. Potential customers and visitors will at first come across your Bio when they visit your Instagram account. Focus on creating a bio that has vital information that conveys to the visitors clearly what your brand or business is all about. You must express your USP to the prospective clients so that they know what to expect from you. Create a concise, clear, and compelling bio within 150 characters. Moreover, do not forget to incorporate a truly memorable profile picture.

Switch to Instagram Business Account

An Instagram Business profile is great for giving you access to smarter Instagram features. Moreover, it is a simple and easy process for anybody to switch to an Instagram Business profile from their Personal Instagram profile. An Instagram Business account is best for giving you easy access to Instagram ads and promoted posts and providing businesses or marketers with an arsenal of cutting-edge tools for boosting your engagement and overall reach. Buy Instagram followers help you to grow your Business and get easy access to the following striking features:

  • Instagram ads
  • Instagram Insights
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Both Secondary & Primary Messaging Inboxes
  • CTA Button & Contact Information on Your Profile

Focus On Using the Power & Versatility of Artificial Intelligence 

Some businesses or brands emerge from nowhere and end up creating an everlasting buzz. What is the secret of their rapid growth? Growth hacking goes a long way in boosting their brand and making a robust online presence. Growth hacking is all about determining the most effective stratagems for acquiring the maximum number of customers or users on Instagram. According to Forbes, you could seek assistance from cutting-edge AI-powered software or tools that can assist you in identifying and targeting the right hashtags and audience, generating relatable content, and growing your account on Instagram.

You may even seek the advantage of custom-tailored Instagram growth strategies provided by reliable digital marketing companies. They help in combining human behavior with AI for targeting people in your specific niche and help you in building a robust follower base for your brand.

Moreover, they will be providing valuable insights such as increased engagement, targeted account growth, monthly growth stats, or enhanced profile strength. In this context, you should know that you can buy followers on Instagram any time you desire ensuring instant growth in your follower count.

Use the Power of Instagram Live

Instagram Live comes up with a host of potential ways of connecting with fans and followers in precisely a real-time way. Here are some amazing tips for utilizing the Instagram Live feature to the fullest. Focus on collaborating with a renowned industry expert or hire the services of an influencer. Remember to share live videos on behind-the-scenes moments at an event. Hosting a workshop or even sharing a tutorial could lead to a super-hit live video. Conduct live interviews of team members. It is best to talk to a client or customers.

Use hashtags

At the point when you’re utilizing hashtags, consider what words your objective market may be looking for that likewise apply to your photograph. For instance, in case you’re running a business venture blog and presenting motivational statements on your Instagram account, you may take a stab at utilizing hashtags like #entrepreneur and #mondaymotivation.

Analysis with various hashtag blends and sees which works the best. However long your hashtags are pertinent to the photograph you’re posting and your intended interest group, they ought to be fine.

Craft some killer copy

Try not to belittle the force of your duplicate when you’re composing inscriptions for your Instagram posts. Those inscriptions can be the contrast between 1 like and 1,000 preferences, so take as much time as necessary while composing and ensure whatever you put it is acceptable. Likewise, remember that Instagram subtitles can help you fabricate your image. In the event that your image is restless, compose something tense. In the event that your image is positive and inspiring, compose something positive and elevating.

Whatever you choose to compose for your subtitles, tailor the informing dependent on your image and target crowd, and you’ll see better generally results from your Instagram promoting endeavors.

Experimenting with Instagram Reels Pays

Instagram has come up with a brand new tab present on the Explore Page called the Reels. These multi-cut videos have been created as a perfect answer to TikTok. Moreover, they go much beyond just dance challenges. Today many enterprising organizations are utilizing Reels for standing out from the rest and forging the way ahead of the competition.


If you are focused on growing your business or brand on Instagram, remember that this powerful platform can come up with countless marketing opportunities for you. Right from boosting brand awareness to rapidly generating sales, Instagram is the way to go.