How Technology Is Helping CBD oil industry

How Technology Is Helping Canadians Find Quality Products In The CBD Oil Industry

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 10:42 am

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In Canada, CBD oil is regarded as one of the most reliable products on the market. Many Canadians are relying on CBD oil to get relief, relax, and improve their overall health. So it’s not a surprise that there are many technological advancements that support the love of CBD oil. And whether you realize it or not, technology is making the lives of CBD oil enthusiasts much easier.

One of the biggest contributions that technology has in the CBD oil industry is helping Canadians find the best products on the market. As you may already know, there are so many CBD oils on the market. Naturally, this makes people, especially beginners, confused about which product to buy. SO how does technology help Canadians find quality products? Let’s learn more about this.

Public online reviews

Whether you’re shopping for gummies, creams or other CBD oil products in Canada, online reviews could help you make a better decision. When you find a product and consider if you should buy that product or not, you should always look for some online reviews. If there are plenty of reviews around, that means the product is popular. Then you need to determine if the sentiment is positive or negative.

That should be the basics of how to read online reviews and use them to your advantage. Some reviews should give you a basic idea of what kind of experience you’re going to get with the product. Furthermore, reading online reviews is one of the best ways to get a quick idea about some hands-on experiences with a product.

Online stores

Of course, when it comes to technology, we can’t forget about online stores. Remember when we have to get out of the house to buy a product? Well, we don’t have to do that anymore, and this also applies to buying CBD oil. 

Canadians have not only many CBD oil options, but also online stores available. This gives everyone the freedom to choose the online store they like, so if you have a negative experience with one, you can always choose another. Also, as a consumer, recognizing how each store or manufacturer markets its products is important to help you find the best CBD oil on the market.

Besides for consumers, this technology also helps business-minded people to open their stores easier. Their stores are now able to compete with many other stores in the country and no longer are limited to selling products in their local areas. 

Water-soluble CBD

If you have used CBD oil for a while, you must be wondering what else you can do with it. Many people have tried adding CBD oil to food and drink, with somewhat decent results. Now, with water-soluble CBD being a thing thanks to new technology, now people can add CBD to their drinks much easier than before.

Water-soluble CBD oils are new products that exist mainly to simplify the process of adding CBD to beverages. Traditional CBD oils don’t mix well with liquid because they contain oil. Furthermore, water-soluble CBD may also provide other advantages, such as higher bioavailability or absorption rate.

Third-party lab

People who care a lot about the quality of CBD oil, simply can’t ignore third-party lab tests. Unfortunately, you just can’t trust manufacturers these days, and reading the label or packaging is simply not enough. These tests are done to inform the consumers about the true quality of CBD oil, so people can make a better decision.

Third-party labs are operated by agents with no affiliation with the CBD industry. The idea is that consumers can trust them to test CBD oil because they have no hands in the industry. Their function is simply to test CBD oil and communicate the facts they found. It’s pretty much impossible for CBD manufacturers to tamper with the testing or alter the results in any way.

And it’s not just consumers who are benefitted from these third-party labs. Manufacturers that are serious about building trust with their customers would be glad to send their products to these labs to be tested. Then, they can advertise the results to their advantage. After all, if their products are truly good then they have nothing to hide.


Technology is really making our lives easier, including when it comes to CBD oil in Canada. It’s always recommended to get the best CBD oil you can get your hands on, and always a bad idea to do otherwise. So make sure you do your research and use technology to your advantage in order to get the best experience with CBD.