Create The Perfect Holiday Video

How To Create The Perfect Holiday Video

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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If you want to share the excitement of a first Christmas, just a cell phone, digital camera, or camcorder is not going to make it perfect. You need to combine and edit the footage to make an engaging video. Now there are many different tools for you to do so. For example, you can make use of video ad templates in an online video editor to perfectly capture and share a moment.

This article contains ten social media tips I discovered while scouring the frequently asked questions about creating a stunning holiday video.

1. A captivating story can make or break a picture or a dialog. 

Regardless of whether it is a feature film or a home video, every good video starts with a good story. So come up with a plot and stick with it throughout the whole video. A consistent storyline effectively communicates whatever you are trying to say and keeps the viewers engaged.

2. Organize your files and folders on your hard drive. 

By digging through 30 hours of raw footage, you won’t find that elusive misplaced file or a specific scene. So start by creating a folder structure that’s easy to understand. 

Make sure your files are named clearly so they are easy to identify. For example, a clip named “arrival-at-grannys.avi” is easier to identify than “clip01.avi”. 

When you are analyzing your footage, note the specific times and scenes you would like to use later.

3. Keeping a rhythm is important for a video.

Changing the video’s tone shouldn’t be done randomly. Your goal is to create a tempo that matches the mood and tone of your video.

Luckily, beat markers are here to help you with this. These are usually built into an online video editor. You can use them to ensure that your cuts are timed with a rhythm and flow together nicely.

4. Make sure to save your progress several times. 

There is likely no better-unwritten rule of video editing then this. A power outage or system crash that results in the loss of two hours of work is the worst thing you can imagine. It is a good idea to save every few minutes from now on.

Whenever possible, save alternate versions as you progress through your project, just in case you change your mind and want to revert to a previous point in time. This will eliminate the need to make multiple edits and cuts.

5. Take advantage of the trim tool and precise keyframe controls to make professional edits. 

Perfecting your project is one of your goals. Use keyframes and the trim tool to make very precise edits By synchronizing keyframes along the timeline, you can create visual effects such as a fade from full color to black and white, or motion of objects along a path. This helps to give the scene a sense of completion.

With almost any video editor, you can precisely select sections of your video clip on a frame-by-frame basis throughout the whole editing process. It also helps to eliminate the amateur appearance often associated with the video-making process among new editors.

6. Make sure the idea suits the actual mold: A great idea in principle may not work in practice. 

Often, a scene might seem great on paper but work against the final result if the tone and story don’t match.

It’s okay to cut a scene that doesn’t fit the rest of the video, even if it happens to be your favorite. You can keep the clip to use as a “Director’s Cut Bonus” on the DVD, maybe as an outtake or incorporated into the extended version.

7. Be Simple: Don’t go overboard with the effects. 

The old adage “less is more” always applies. Everything you use: effects, titles, dissolves, should complement the overall production.

Excessive use of effects rarely produces quality work. So in most cases, cutting or blending is just enough to add quality to the appearance of your video.

8. Make time for your soundtrack: Create a musical and sound effect accompaniment for your production. 

Do you ever watch a movie without sound on? In most cases, this can help you evaluate how well the video is edited.

Hollywood producers are not immune to awkward cuts; even sound cues and musical effects can help. So consider switching on the sounds of a door closing, a dog barking, or a car accelerating. You can also use light music in the background of the scene to mask any background noise.

Make sure you have the right microphone set up to record your own sounds. Or, save yourself time and headache by using an online video editor that provides royalty-free music and audio to choose from.

9. Creative intros and subtitles are the finishing touches

Make your project stand out by adding a creative intro and subtitles after you’ve finished creating it. This is the best way to enhance the memory you’re sharing with others.

The first impression is essential, and the intro will be the first thing people see when they launch it. Plus, you can readily create an awesome intro with an online video editor as well. Talk about cinema-ready tools!

10. Make your videos social: Post them on YouTube and other social media websites. 

Upload your video productions to YouTube, Vimeo, or other popular video-sharing websites to make your video socially shareable.

To begin with, you’ll gain some exposure. You may also gain insight from the comments on how to improve your future projects.

Final Word on Creating a Stunning Holiday Video With an Online Video Editor

With a little editing, you can convey the story clearly and concisely. If you have little skill in editing or looking for a simple and quick way to create an engaging clip, an online video editor might be a great choice. And after you’ve decided on your favorite editor, try out these ten tips to make your next holiday video a perfect one.