How to Use AI to Boost Your Sales

How to Use AI to Boost Your Sales

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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The influence artificial intelligence already has on the modern world is immense, and the sphere of online retail is among those that can use its promising progression to their advantage. With the help of AI, eCommerce can surely gain a lot and enhance the business. To say the least, this regards finding out more about your customers, their necessities, forecasting trends, and ultimately selling more.

In this article, we’d like to introduce you to the ways that you can implement artificial intelligence in your online business to increase your sales.

Use AI Chatbots to Communicate With Customers

Having an assistant that can handle the inquiries of your clients is a jackpot to surely not overlook. The major advantage of chatbots to be listed is that they are available 24/7 to answer the questions of your customers (contrary to human employees who have limited working hours)

Of course, the chatbot isn’t almighty, yet it can be “trained” to get better at what it does. It functions on the basis of scripts and given scenarios, forming a dialogue with the user. Chatbots are especially helpful when it comes to resolving common occurring problems or replying to repetitive same-type questions that tend to “pop-up” on a regular basis.

Moreover, they are very productive and give relevant advice. That said, by incorporating the understanding of language with machine learning, chatbots can save a lot of human time. Plus such an instant reaction to client requests boosts the overall customer satisfaction and experience, resolves the numerous doubts that could arise prior to purchase very quickly, and leads to more sales.

What’s for chatbots that are powered by AI, in the not so distant future such assistants that can process voice recognition (and somewhat become a replacement for many human customer service specialists) will be widely available throughout. It is also predicted that in some time they’ll eliminate the need for classic website search bars.

Get Your Hands On Analytics & User Data

Of course, it is possible to make assumptions regarding the tastes of your buying audience in general. Yet why guess when you can truly know the details? Artificial intelligence is improving its knowledge, studying people, their habits, preferences, and user behavior. Let’s dwell upon some of the things it can do to grow turnovers.

Personalized Product Selections

One of the things that are certainly worth mentioning is the personalization of product selections. This point deals not only with cross-selling or pitching some items that can go well together. Displaying personalized picks can show how well you know this specific customer and his tastes. Artificial intelligence studies the previously bought items and the things that the individual has browsed. Based on such insights, it selects those things that the user can set sights on. To give a clearer example, here’s how the “You May Also Like” section of the official Saint Lauren website looks like.

By using such functionality, you increase the chances of not only selling more to this customer, but you can also improve the possibility of this person becoming your regular buyer. Moreover, you may make use of these personalized picks in email send-outs and communicate better with this prospect across more than one channel in reliance on the information you have about what they like.

Reveal Your Top-Selling Product Pairs

Another highlight of AI not to forget about deals with detecting your bestsellers. By revealing which items or services are in demand most as well as unhasping the curtain regarding which products are sold together more often, you obtain crucial information that’ll nudge your sales up. As such, this is a winning tactic for upselling popular combinations of products and therefore adding on more to the average order size and amount.

For instance, this could be a “Wear it with” section of a product page that would suggest a matching bracelet to the selected earrings or a stylish case for the sunglasses that were added to the cart. In the case of products that don’t initially come in pairs (or in the same product line), AI could give a helping hand at those “couple items” that people select themselves.

Make Precise Trend Hypotheses

With AI processing loads of data and analyzing it thoroughly, it becomes easier not to miss out on important information and indicators. Having specific metrics that are backed up by the changes in user behavior, it is much simpler to “hit the bull’s eye” when making predictions regarding the future flow of your business or which niches you should move onward to. Without a doubt, this is a highly important point that can enlarge your sales. 

Virtual Try-Ons & Augmented Reality

Various face-mask apps are already loved by millions of people around the globe. Putting on hats, masks of animals or the faces of celebrities using mobile devices has become an entertaining and favored activity. But how can such technology be used to grow sales?

Virtual try-on functionality has become a lifesaver for many spheres of online sales. It was designed to grant shoppers the chance to check out the product even if they don’t have it in their hands or before their eyes in reality. This becomes possible either by uploading a picture or by launching the camera of a computer or mobile phone. The AR technology then scans the face (or foot, or room, etc) and applies the product. It is primarily used in the cosmetics industry, for selling shoes, different kinds of accessories, furnishings of a home.

Summing up, the use of artificial intelligence and its capabilities for business growth is rapidly expanding. Such technology is indispensable when it comes to collecting data on buyers, for “persuading” them to buy more, making communication more effective and personal. AI continuously boosts its skills, therefore it is crucial to make use of its abilities to the most in order to multiply your sales.