New Year Resolutions for Software Testers

New Year Resolutions for Software Testers

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 09:50 am

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Although its end of January already, 2020 is a new year. There is still time for us to make new year resolutions to improve our lives and careers. So, what should a software tester’s new resolutions be like? How can they help enterprises in achieving their goals while keeping in view the latest software testing trends? How can they make themselves more desirable testers for QA testing companies?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, then this article is a must-read for you:

  • Action Plan

Always remember that making resolutions is not enough. Make sure you note down these resolutions and set goals with an action plan. A study carried out by Harvard University states that people with goals in their minds achieve twice as much as achieved by people without goals. Thus, it is important to write down goals and ensure a better success rate. These goals could include reading software testing blogs regularly, keeping updated with the latest software testing tools, etc. Make plans and divide them into smaller goals to achieve in a week or month. This will be helpful for achieving goals by year-end. 

  • More Agile and DevOps

As organizations move to Agile and DevOps, it is imperative for a software tester to upgrade their skills to meet the ever-changing client requirements. Agile testers should be more open to communication, feedback, and commitment to delivering value. By acquiring these principles, testers can excel in their career. 

  • Automate Better

Automation has already made its way into software testing. Since software development becomes more complex, the testing processes become complicated too. Testers should learn how to use automation software testing tools. They should also know when automation testing is required and would be beneficial and where it is not helpful. Automation testing skills can help software testers in the future.

  • AI-enabled Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are not new in software testing, but there is much more that needs to be discovered. It is expected that there will be more AI-enabled tools to assist in software testing so that testers can pay attention to enhance software quality. 

  • Enhance Skills

This year comes with rising demand for new testing skills. Make sure you are proficient and update your C.V. to make an impression. The software development market is volatile and demands the up-gradation of skills every now and then. Ensure that you keep a track of all updates with respect to software testing and excel in them. It is important to know which skills are required in your specific region so that you can gain insights into those trends and acquire those skills too. 

The above tips should help software testers in building a strong career so that they can achieve their short and long-term goals. They should also explore new software testing tools and learn about how to use them, in order to leverage all their efforts to achieve success.