Developing An Android Or iPhone App

Points To Consider Before Developing An Android Or iPhone App

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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Mobile apps

Mobiles work on an operating system, which is mainly of two types – Android and iOS. All mobiles, except for iPhone, use the Android operating system while the iPhone uses iOS. Every app is designed and developed to perform some functions. When you want to build an app for any android-based or iOS-based mobile, you must consider some essential points. These are as under:

  • The problem to be solved

An app is generally a solution to some problem or to accomplish some goal. Before developing an app, ask yourself if your app will be the best solution to the issue under consideration.

  • Target users

Every app’s success depends on its end-user. An app is a solution to some problems or is a means to accomplish some service goals. The features of your app and its usability should be appropriate for the target user. Whether the app is for a service-oriented business or marketing, production or management, it must be suitable for every business activity under every market situation.

  • Understanding the target user needs

It is essential to understand the specific needs of the users and the reason for which they will download your app. For this, you need to research the preferences of your users. It would help if you did it before, during, and after the app development.

  • Mobile platform – operating system

Android and iOS are the operating systems in most of the mobiles. You will have to use specific languages to develop an app for each platform. Java or Kotlin is used for Android, while iOS uses Objective – C or Swift. Hybrid apps are the one which can perform on multiple platforms. You must be clear about the platforms you are targeting.

  • Nature of the Database

The speed of your database affects the performance of your app. The user does not want an app that is slow and time-consuming. The rate with which your app can retrieve the data depends on the data structure, composition, and size.

  • Integrating payment gateways

It helps the client in making their payments in the same app in which they have completed an action like booking a ticket. This two-in-one approach will give a boost to the success of your app. It will help users to do complete online purchasing, starting from the selection of the item to its payment through one app.

  • Client Data Security

The security of information of the app user is a crucial aspect that you must consider while developing an app. The app must have a proper degree of safety and should not be easy to hack. Client data, if insecure, can be put to some illegal activity or unethical practice which can prove to be very dangerous.

  • Application Design

The application should be user-friendly, with the minimum switch from one to the other input modes. Notifications and periodical updates are the features that the user wants in every app. Especially ones that fix bugs.

  • Multiple releases

The first version of your app is generally its purest form, which you can update periodically. It gives users some new features to use, and you can make modifications if you want. Every update comes with better applicability and graphics, especially if it is a gaming app or an online purchase app. New versions keep users interested in the app.

  • Revenue generation

Every user likes to use a free app. But you have invested money and time in the development of an app which you must recover. For this, use features like in-app advertising, purchases, or paid downloads.

There are many iPhone and android application development companies across the globe, which needs to keep these essential points in consideration before making any application for android handsets or iPhone. Apps that are user-friendly and complete in its features are top-rated and perform much better.