Speed Up Your Performance Testing This Holiday Season

Speed Up Your Performance Testing This Holiday Season

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 01:12 pm

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As we end 2019, wrap up all our jobs and look forward to a brand new year, it is important to place performance checks for software products. Winter is the season where most of the retailers upgrade their applications as they prepare for holiday shopping, now is a great time to consider a performance testing company for mobile applications.  

Blast from the Past

We have seen several websites crashing while customers were at the final stages of making online payments. In 2014, Best Buy’s Black Friday website crash and Lowe’s crash in 2017 are a few reminders from the past. These disasters not only frustrate customers but are a retailer’s worst nightmare. Due to performance issues and downtime, businesses lose their customers to their competitors. 

In 2017, consumers spent $5.03 billion while shopping online during the Black Friday sale. According to Adobe Analytics, there was an increase of 16.9% since 2016. Analysts project that there will be more online spending in 2020, so online retailers should prepare for immense online traffic during holidays. 

Why Performance Testing?

The performance of an application lays the founding stone for any retail shopping experience. If the retailers’ website fails to attain the required performance under different loads, the failure can have a negative impact on their brand. It is important to invest time, and resources at the right performance testing company to ensure holiday readiness. They should conduct performance testing to application launch times, page load times, etc. under different network conditions. 

Personalized Services

Retailers move ahead with the concept of personalized services using a customer’s name on vendor website pages and confirmation emails. The new trends of customization focus on technologies that allow customers to customize and build their products that meet their preferences. Most of the online retailers offer such services already. For instance, clothing tailors allow customers to measure, select their preferred fabric and style and order online for their perfect fit. 

Other trends to influence shopping this holiday season include:

  • Chip and pin cards are widely used
  • Customers frequently use payment methods like PayPal, ApplePay, etc. 
  • Retailers explore cryptocurrency and blockchain technology trends to diversify payment methods

With all these scenarios, companies gear up their performance testing efforts for the holiday season. And for this purpose performance testing services companies provide an excellent user experience. Online retailers should respect customers’ time as they cater to online shopping, purchase preference and order placement. The features that automate quick ordering and enable easy order modifications give more control into the hands of customers. Retailers should keep in mind that customers who fail to place an order during any phase may leave the website for good and switch to a competitor in no time. Thus, a performance testing company places all performance checks to ensure seamless customer experience across all channels and touchpoints. With improved, and differentiated brand experience, they can earn customer loyalty. It helps customers in making the right choice, and also enjoy their holidays with the best online shopping experience.