Teens Using Notion

Teens Using Notion To Organize Their Lives

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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It seems teens nowadays are able to blend high-level technology into every aspect of their lives. This year, reports of teenage users organizing their lives with workflow software Notion surface. It was trending on TikTok from the first week of this year and the trend continues to this day.

The Software: Notion

Launched in 2016, Notion is a software used to organize the workflow and manage projects. It allows for users to collaborate with each other or use it individually to manage notes, information, calendars, and data. Its primary use is workflow management of teams in an enterprise.

The main audience of the software is silicon valley celebrities and professionals in technology and software development. The app is clearly influenced by aesthetics from Tumblr, which explains much about its prevalence amongst the younger generation. 

This type of enterprise software isn’t unique in being used on a personal level. Lately, the lines between our personal and professional lives are slowly fading away. Also, technology has found a place in every part of our lives at varying levels.

The TikTok Trend

Notion users would have been surprised to find that teenagers are using the software to organize their schedules and school homework. Because they are already well-versed in Tumblr’s look and feel, they are already adept at using this type of software (as if Gen Z isn’t already great with technology). Notion provides a blank canvas to customize heavily as needed. 

TikTok videos of Notion boards are being shared at an increasingly rapid rate. The trendy videos show how users are customizing the boards with GIFs and other images. Some users may buy TikTok followers to gain viral status, and use this trend as a starting point for their TikTok career. 

These are some of the videos using Notion that propagated on TikTok: 

Daily Habits

Some users post videos on TikTok showing their daily habit of checking Notion to help plan the day ahead. This was basically a way to share their routine (of course showcasing their unique Notion board designs)

Studyblr and StudyTok

Fans of bullet journal photos on Tumblr and TikTok, and other study organization memes are already familiar with the terms Studyblr and StudyTok. They are subcultures that emerged within Tumblr and TikTok respectively, devoted to showing visually pleasing organizational tricks for studying and task management. Of course, they continued the same trend and created videos of their Notion boards that can only be described as eye-candy.  

Gen Z continues to find new ways to use software and advanced technology that have never even crossed the minds of their predecessors. The demand for advanced software with professional-level features is increasing, advancing the development of apps in general.

It won’t be long before there are no clear lines dividing professional and amateur software, and we can expect software developers to provide rich features even as their most basic option. App and software developers who do not follow these trends may find that their projects are not relevant in a few years time.