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The Best Scientific Data Analysis Software to Hit the Market in 2021

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:28 am

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Nearly 80% of scientific research data from the 1990s will never be looked at again due to it being lost.

Since then, technology has changed for the better and will help prevent this problem from happening again. Reliable technology is only part of the solution, though. The other part that you must consider is to use data software.

Continue reading if you want to discover the best data analysis software that will easily capture information!

1. US Census Business Data

The US Census Business Data tool is one of the most used and popular scientific data platforms available.

This tool comes at no cost and will allow access to crucial information that you will need for clear scientific results. Economic, industry, and income are a few of the most covered topics. Use this data analysis program to improve sales and business functionality.

2. Pew Research Center

If you are looking for versatile data analysis software, the Pew Research Center is highly recommended.

This company is non-profit, and it helps you analyze data in a clear way across various subjects. Many people that use this platform work in the political industry, have religious backgrounds or are a member of the news or media.

Social media and online privacy data tracking are common through the platform too.

3. Living Facts

Living Facts is a sister site to Pew Research Center and is just as simple to use!

The difference that you will see with Living Facts is it’s easy to use platform. The software has a simple homepage with various options for data tracking. You can easily monitor DNA sequencing, track expenses, and take political polls with Living Facts.

You can also find interesting facts about various topics and educational quizzes to keep your mind moving!

4. Alteryx

If you are looking for a data analysis platform that will help you organize information, ALteryx is the perfect solution.

With Alteryx, you can prepare and blend data without it getting messy. This is also an excellent platform for when you don’t want data to be duplicated. It runs on a single interface that has cloud capabilities and templates.

5. Growthbar

Although you only get a 5-day free trial with Growthbar, it will be enough time to convince you that it is worth it.

Growthbar works with a Google Chrome extension and gives you the ability to conduct research from your search page. This software will let you see SEO data points that can help improve marketing tactics. Take the time to try this platform out as it has many advantages, especially for companies that have a blog!

Data Analysis Done Easy 

When people think about data analysis, they tend to get overwhelmed with facts and statistics.

With the help of these scientific data analysis software, you can easily understand and track data. You won’t have to worry about information disappearing or getting lost in an organized software like these.

Try utilizing free trial periods if you want to test out options that cost money.

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