Top software testing companies in 2020

Top Software Testing Companies in the USA in 2020!

Approving your products and projects in the world’s eye is not less than climbing a steep hill, but fortunately, if you choose a good Software Testing Company in the USA, you can see yourself winging all the way.

Here is a list of software testing companies in the USA:

1. Kualitatem

Kualitatem is an Agile-based company that is all about providing independent QA services and infoSec auditing services for more than 10 years. The globally renowned company has broken barriers in the tech arena and created super development models for mega corporates and enterprises. The independent IT firm takes pride in solving hundreds of thousands of software testing problems and ending up with a user-perfect product.

Their expertise lies in software testing, automation testing, mobile app testing, performance testing, functional testing, security testing, and much more at their client service.

They preach quality just like a Holy Agenda!

2. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a software testing and QA services provider headquartered in McKinney, Texas. With over 30 years of experience in the domain, the company provides a range of software testing and QA services focusing on QA outsourcing and managed testing, QA consulting, and test automation. The company’s testing center of excellence, which includes ISTQB-certified test engineers, successfully completed over 400 testing projects in such industries as healthcare, retail, banking, manufacturing, professional services, information technologies, telecoms, and other.

3. DeviQA

DeviQA is a software testing company. With great passion and 10+ years of experience in QA services, an extremely skilled team offer a deep foundation in testing mobile and web apps with thoughtful, technological solutions. Their main areas of focus are: test automation, mobile, and web testing, and also QA audits and consulting, QA outsourcing and dedicated QA team. DeviQA applies the latest testing methods in practice and guarantees its clients the achievement of outstanding software product quality. Attracting professionals of the DeviQA will be the best solution if you are not satisfied with the poor quality of software, and you strive to create a product that fully meets the expectations of end-users in today’s digital world.

4. Oxagile

Oxagile applies its cutting-edge technology to support digital transformation for SMEs and global corporations. With 14 years of experience in software development services, its automation testing services ensure faster time to market, increase cost savings and rules out human error. Oxagile works on a framework that brings together of industry-standard tools, automation best practices, and reporting. It also allows quick and seamless integration into business workflows and delivers fast results. 

5. Qualitest

Qualitest provides software testing solutions to its customers considering the business context, technology-specific competencies, and industry-specific understandings. From automation to cybersecurity, Qualitest offers a variety of testing services to different industries around the globe.

6. Cigniti

Cigniti is a software testing company headquartered in Irving, Texas, adopting the latest industry standards and testing methodologies. As a cloud-based service, it provides customers with a comprehensive dashboard, detailed vulnerability report, and recommendations. According to its website, Cigniti claims to have worked with 50+ companies from Fortune 500.

7. ImpactQA

ImpactQA is one of the top software testing and QA consultant company has offices in New York, Munich, Dallas, London, and New Delhi. Being a pioneer in software testing services, we serve 250+ clients ranging from small start-ups to big MNCs. Known to deliver services in key areas of testing namely Performance testing, Automation testing, Mobile App testing, IoT testing, Security testing, Cloud testing, DevOps testing and AI testing, we have a pool of QA engineers who deliver a customer-centric approach to help us rank top in the industry.

8. A1QA

A1QA is a U.S.-based software-testing firm that has been in service for more than 14 years. The company is headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, and has branches in the Commonwealth of the Independent States and Europe.

Using the best skills and knowledge, A1QA renders a package of innovative QA and testing services to its global clients.

The aforementioned companies are some of the finest Software testing companies located in the USA. So, choose wisely and get your product the well-deserved QA and testing. 

9. Testlio

Despite its experience of less than a decade, Testlio has provided exceptional customer experience to well-reputed organizations such as Fox, Verizon, Yahoo!, Sega, Pipedrive, etc.

10. Thinksys

With a technical team of over 150 professionals, Thinksys is providing QA services as well as other software solutions such as software development, big data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. Thinksys is still a relatively new company in the industry with 5 years of experience. Yet, it has proven to be a major player by catering to the requirements of businesses of all sizes.

11. QA Source

QA Source is a renowned software testing company. It helps organizations develop modular, portable, maintainable and reusable automation frameworks. QASource offers automation testing with capabilities and expertise to achieve the effective development of automated test scripts and produce better software faster.


The above list of companies should give you an overview of the software testing market and a brief background about its top players. Your preference should entirely be dependent on the requirements but as far as my analysis goes, Kualitatem is, hands down, the best of the lot. Kualitatem not only provides a variety of services but also ensures that the quality remains uncompromised. The reason why it’s on top of our list.

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