Developers are Required to Maintain Bitrix24

What kind of Developers are Required to Maintain Bitrix24?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:06 am

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The Bitrix24 set of tools for business rapidly gains popularity all over the world, not only in terms of its wide range of features but also in terms of its software’s flexibility. One of the advantages is the availability of the Bitrix24 server edition. The software with an open code provides the capability to widen the product’s functionality to an almost unlimited scale. Or shrink it down to your requirements. Let’s take a closer look at the skills required to perform this action independently, or which professionals to involve if you are not into programming. 

Specialized development requirement

Bitrix24 is developed on the basis of another product from 2000 — Bitrix CMS, which was created to manage the content of the various websites, specifically online stores. At the same time, PHP programming language was used to create this product; it is very popular in the whole world and is not the most difficult to understand, according to the developers. 

However, it’s not worth saying that any programmer would customize your Bitrix24 using PHP language without any effort. The vendor has significantly changed all the standards, creating an own framework which requires a lot of time to get familiar with. The Bitrix24 company is actively cooperating with partners around the world; thanks to that cooperation, the implementation of the product and its revision is performed for the end-users. The vendor assists the developers of partner companies with professional trainings, but also requires certification. Before taking up the customers’ projects, a developer needs to acquire quite a specific certification from Bitrix24. Our Avivi company is Bitrix24’s Golden Partner, and our team of developers is among the biggest ones in the world. Every employee has completed a similar certification.   

The minimum required knowledge level

But, of course, not only the Partners’ developers can work with Bitrix24, and that is confirmed by the offers from various freelancers. Any educated and diligent programmer is able to understand the framework, as the information on the product is also available on the Internet. One moment, though, the majority of the documents are in Russian, however, there are plenty of English localizations available. 

Besides PHP, JS is also frequently used within the product, and, without the knowledge of this language, a developer will not be able to efficiently realize any task.  

We reviewed the required minimum needed to make at least some amendments in Bitrix24. If, apart from the invisible for a user changes in the Portal, you require creating the new pages or any other changes to the interface, you would also need to know HTML and CSS. But this is only available for the on-premise edition. You can find the ready-made styles and elements in the Bitrix24 libraries to meet any need: buttons, scroll and progress bars, icons, etc., and you will not need to involve the designers. We have also used various libraries for our company’s projects, such as Bootstrap, which also works well with Bitrix24. 

And last, but not least: when using the on-premise edition, you will need the assistance of the system administrator. A lot depends on the server’s setting in this software, and the owner of Bitrix24 is responsible for that. 


As we see, one does not require a deep knowledge of many technologies to customize the BItrix24. However, an unaware programmer, when facing the Bitrix framework, might get confused, and make things worse. Especially when it comes to the program kernel. Therefore, you should always remember, that all the progress in the kernel will be immediately lost when you update the self-hosted edition, which is required once or twice per year. Thus, before making any changes or involving some inexperienced and uncertified developers to work with your business program, the Avivi team recommends having in mind more skilled Bitrix24 Partners, and to create a backup of the system.