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5 Valuable Tools Every Real Estate Recruiter Needs

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Being a real estate recruiter is not an easy job. It’s definitely more entrepreneurial in nature because you’re always thinking of new, creative ways to attract and convert talented real estate professionals. In addition, recruitment can also be quite expensive. Hiring a new agent can easily cost a company thousands of dollars. Whether you’re working for your own real estate business or a brokerage, you have to make sure that the money you spent on listings, ads, and interviews are worth every penny.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tools that can make the job easier and more efficient for any real estate recruiter. By improving your process and increasing your productivity, these tools can help you hit your targets in half the time. Check out the list below and see what you can add to your personal recruitment arsenal.

CRM Tool

As a real estate recruiter, your job is all about making and maintaining connections. With help from a CRM tool that’s specially made for real estate professionals, the management aspect of candidate relationships is made faster and easier. For one, a CRM tool can automate plenty of day-to-day tasks. This can save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on other facets of the job. Most recruitment CRM tools also have built-in analytics features. These can help you with data-driven recruiting and reduce the percentage of bad hires and improve the candidate experience. 

Of course, a CRM tool can also help you create customized talent pool segmentation, personalized emails, and conduct surveys. All of these can help you understand your process more thoroughly and measure your success, even as you build relationships with your candidates.

Chatbot Tool

Whether you like it or not, the world now runs 24/7. Business never stops, even when it comes to a largely face-to-face profession such as recruitment. That’s why it’s important to make use of tools that can help automate processes and make yourself available to potential hires at any time. With intelligent use of chatbots, you can respond to candidates’ questions and even put them through preliminary screenings.

The key to using chatbots is to give it personality. It’s an AI technology, sure, but it doesn’t have to be robotic. When in doubt, let it mirror your own personality. Assign it some of your own traits. You should also put yourself in the shoes of the candidate and think of the questions they might ask. This way, you can prepare the chatbot to handle unexpected queries.

Task Management Tool

Some CRM tools come with task management functions, but it might be more helpful to use a separate task management tool. With a dedicated task management software, you can put all your to-dos in one place. This will prevent or at least reduce the instances of missed appointments, follow-up calls or emails, and other important tasks. What’s good is that many task management tools are free to use and can be accessed across various devices using a single account. This will further help you streamline your process.

Sourcing Tool

Some real estate recruiters seem to be a magnet for extraordinary talent. However, this might just be an issue with the way you’re sourcing your candidate pool. Social media is a great starting point. LinkedIn, in particular, is an excellent place to start your recruitment because it’s already a professional, work-focused space. You can also search other through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The key is to establish a credible, reliable presence on these platforms so that candidates will be more inclined to trust you.

You can also use a sourcing tool to attract more high-quality talent. These apps help you perform smarter searches, allowing you to enter different keywords and phrases to find the best matches. This is especially important if you’re looking for very particular qualifications, such as location-based expertise. Using sourcing tools can also help increase your own visibility as a recruiter and put you in touch with passive job seekers. With a sourcing tool in place, you can get in front of these highly skilled candidates and make your pitch to hopefully convince them to make the move

Email Optimization Tool

Email remains to be one of the most common tools that real estate recruiters use in headhunting. The problem is that not many recruiters use email as effectively and efficiently as possible. This is where an email optimization tool comes in. Depending on the one you choose, an email optimization tool allows you to send personalized emails by analyzing the recipient’s profile. You can also schedule when your emails will be sent out, ensuring that the candidate receives them at the right time. There are also email optimization tools that help you improve your writing and create smarter campaigns.

On paper, a real estate recruiter’s job is easy. All you have to do is post a job, find qualified agents and other professionals, and go through the hiring process. However, all of these individual steps take a lot of work. With these tools in play, you’ll be able to save time and effort as you search for the best candidates for your own business or a brokerage you’re working for.