Standard-Based Web Design

Why to choose a Standard-Based Web Design?

Last updated on December 20th, 2022 at 10:59 am

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Standards are somehow rules assigned by W3C (World Wide Web consortium) that describe the use of technologies to be implemented by formats and the way how codes can be entered across multiple platforms, devices (TV, cell phone). Without making it complicated, it just simplifies that how web pages can display in the browser’s window in the layout of markup language. W3C has generated more than 90 recommendations. Which describes as the web will work evenly for everybody regardless of location and technology. Developers in the ’90s make 3 to 4 versions of every website. So, it can run easily on the browser at that time. But now with the help of web design and W3C, websites have become easier to operate. Due to the importance of having a clean-looking website, it’s vital you know what you’re doing when creating your site. If you’re new to web design, you can take online classes to improve your skills or you can contact a professional web designer to do the work for you. Whether you’re looking for a website design Melbourne company, or one for your specific location, you can search ‘best web design company near me’ to find the most trusted company in your area.

What is W3C?

W3C, created in 1994, is the combination of affiliate organizations that form web criteria so that websites work the same in all web browsers. It should have the same layout as on others. W3C depends on many other technologies including CSS, SVG, and WOFF, XML, etc. to ensure high technical and editorial quality.

  • Responsive Web design:

Web design refers to the architecture of web pages including HTML, CSS which hold information about how to make pages and accessible to people. So, that they can work on them. It gives the foundation for technologies and a set of rules which sustain the web including HTTP.

  • Performance:

It means that websites could load more quickly and looks very easier to use for people without getting confused.

  • Accessibility:

Web design should be accessible for people of any age, culture, country, etc. it should have all qualities including visual and hearing.

  • Privacy:

Privacy and security are the two basic factors that need to be adopted in responsive web design. Privacy means to continue the whole business privately and security refers to the continuation of business securely so that no unauthorized person could steal the data.

  • Flexible:

Web design should be operate on any device. This includes all features and technologies that every browser supports.

Advantages of web design:

  • Standard modern websites help save money. Web design is the combination of all layers of websites that could be load quickly and have the latest updates and contents.
  • It could be a source of money for you. If there is proper coding then with the help of a search engine, people can find out your site, contact for your services, and make the further process of purchasing or detailing.
  • It provides easier maintenance and quicker updates.
  • It helps to balance speed and quality on the internet.
  • It helps to work well with all browsers.
  • It holds an integral place for web designers.
  • It spreads common knowledge to all people.
  • It deals with the further validation of other websites.

Web design applications:

  • Graphics ( automotive engineering and aeronautics)
  • Audio and video (audio formats and video presentations )
  • HTML and CSS (layout, web fonts, web pages)
  • Math on the web (mathematical formula and functionality )
  • Internationalization (technology that works across culture and languages )
  • JavaScript Web APIs (creates interactive documents through scripting )


The web industry is a fascinating world where u can get a job. If u have skills and can make your website much attractive then it is a good offer to accept. You can make it preferable by adopting up-to-date and latest tools as well as the format of the site. You can make fonts and features more attractive and easier to understand by humans. Web design has given a platform to show skills in a respected way as well as a source of information or if you want a perfect web design company in Pakistan then no one can replace the place of Web Masters EYE.

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  2. If you are building a website for the first time, it’s nice to follow standards as they will ensure that the end result is up to the mark.

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